This Website is for Sale- $125!!!

Up for sale is my website,, which is currently generating good revenue and traffic.

I purchase the website about a week ago with the intention of reselling it. After buying the website, I purchased a hosting plan and received a second domain name ( In addition, I set up two business email addresses ( and I built a popup to collect email addresses a few days ago and already had two people subscribe to the email list. The website is build in WordPress. I added Yoast SEO and have begun to perform SEO on some of the articles. There are a total of 31 articles posted on the website. Several of these articles have more than 1,000 words. I have performed a content audit using Screaming Frog SEO Spider and will provide the content audit reports to the new owner.
The previous owner of the website reported revenue averaging $135 a month in revenue and $115 in profit. I am not sure what revenue was in February as I purchased the website at the end of February. The previous owner also reported traffic of around 7k views a month. I am currently tracking traffic using Awstats. You can see the screenshot of the traffic report only shows 70 unique visitors for February. Please note that this was only counting for around 3 days. Also note that over 1100 pages were viewed! Visitors are visiting the site multiple times and viewing multiple pages. The average duration of a visitor in March so far is 387 seconds. Please note that I can not guarantee traffic or revenue after the sale.
I will also include the contact info for the previous advertisers and how to contact the content writers. The website is generating revenue through the sale of ad space and sponsored posts. Because of the amount of traffic, number of views per visitor, and time spent on the site, ad space/sponsored posts are sold from $50-$75.
Both domain names are valued highly. Please see screenshots for domain appraisals from GoDaddy and from Nokta Domains.
The sale will include:
– Website files
– Domain name prepaid until January, 2019 (
– Redirect domain name (
– All website content
– Content audit files
– Both email addresses
– Previous advertisers’ contact info
– Content writers’ Fiverr links
I am selling the website to fund future projects. I bought the website intending to sell it and am looking forward to working with the future owner! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the form below! I am asking $125 for the website.